Monday, September 29, 2003

Today I have done very little.

And been told I have to get a new doctor. I live outside their catchment area now. If they have catchments like schools why can't I choose to go to a doctor outside the catchment I live in, like parents can choose to send their children to any school they want. (Well almost).

Back to the very little I have done. I've faffed and procrastinated for Britain. This mainly invovled making a long list of people I need to phone up to find out information but not actually phoning them. No, instead I have found out every single method of contacting these people. But haven't used any of them.

I've also been reading some one else's Conservation Management Plan in order to improve my own. That's the theory at least.

Tonight we are going to Ikea. And we will purchase a shiny new (cheap) coffee table so we (I) don't keep spilling things all over.

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