Saturday, September 20, 2003

I released the book on Thursday in Safeway's Cafe in Belper. I suppose it's been taken by someone or binned by one of the Oh so friendly staff. Really, one them had such a face on her. And it wasn't just an accident of birth.

We popped into Safeway to get some hot food while out surveying at St Peter's. It was actually quite cold - and we had to make ourselves scarce while there was a funeral on. The churchyard was full of Common Lime trees and they've made everything really sticky. The tape and staff and stuff will need washing, unless it was done on friday.

Yesterday I woke up at the time the bus went. Having already booked the afternoon off I got some stuff emailed to me. So I've got a quinquennial inspection to cut and paste.

Got a lift back to my dad's with Sean. The traffic was awful pretty much the whole way up the M1, across the M62, up the M6. It only stopped once we got on the M58. Looks like nobody wants to go to Skem. I tried to explain the way to the A59 to Sean so he could get off up to Preston, I suppose he would have phoned if he was lost. My saying "you turn off at the Morris and go past Heaton's Bridge to Burscough - dead easy" means pretty much nothing to him.

Well last night I started the Great Clearout. And so far I haven't found that much stuff that I really want to keep. Mostly just rubbish. Old school notes, model aeroplanes, manky tennis balls, small china thingies. That sort of thing. And hundreds and hundreds of old orienteering maps. 1:10000 maps of all the regular runs in the NW and a few around the rest of the country. They've got to go. Even if I do start orienteering again it'll be in a different part of the country. I also found my shoes. Still muddy from my last run. Which would have been 1997.

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