Monday, September 15, 2003

The book I ordered from Amazon finally arrived. Mind you they did say it might take six weeks, which would have been October. Any way, it's called The Ghosts of Berlin and it's about history and urban design and conservation. I used it for an assignment at uni and thought it was quite interesting so now I'll read it properly rather than just picking out the pertinent parts. The subtitle spells out what the book's about - "Confronting German history in the urban landscape"

This weekend I did...nothing much really. I attacked the rose bushes in the garden. The previous owner left them falling all over the lawn. I'm slowly reclaiming nearly 3 feet of garden from them. I have the thorns embedded in my fingers to prove it. Always remember to put your gardening gloves on BEFORE starting a job, not when it starts to hurt.

Sunday...Sean's friend Sam came up and we went out to Gardom's Edge to climb. Or at least they climbed and I made one somewhat pathetic attempt, cricked my neck and gave up. I stayed at home after lunch and did the washing while they went off to Millstone Edge.

Watched the final of Restoration last night. Out of the ten choices I think it's a Good Thing that the Victoria Baths won. Hopefully the reopening of the Turkish Baths will create an income for building and allow them to do the rest of it. And to keep it going financially. Which is the important thing in securing its future. I think there were too many Gallery plans - Galleries don't make much money. If the future of the building hangs on the profits from its use then the use is best being as profitable as possible. Within the constraints of the building of course.

I'm still not sure whether I think it's quite right for the HLF to give them £3 million though. Normally the application process is rigorous and drawn out. I wonder whether they've all had to submit the required information anyway...

No one will ever be bothered to read this if I go on and on forever, so I'll stop.

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