Sometimes I like to paint.  Drawing isn't my strong point, but I like taking photos and then playing about with the colours and shapes on canvas.

Mostly I use acrylics, but I still have my oils from sixth form.  I really should get them out.  I like the advantages oil gives for blending and graduating colour, but acrylic dries quicker allowing layering of elements.

Arran skyline, from Millport 
Acrylic/gouache mix on canvas 18x13cm

Belaying at Cove, Aberdeenshire
Acrylic on canvas 15x20cm

Loch Spelve, Mull
Acrylic on canvas 50x40cm

Loch Spelve, Mull
Acrylic on canvas 18x13cm

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Peter F said...

I like these, and I reckon they should be the sort of thing to appeal to visitors to Bute.