Friday, September 26, 2003

I did eventually get to burn everything. It didn't rain on Sunday. So my sister and I burned all my old art stuff from A Level back to First Year. Plus assorted other junk.

Then I went shopping. Ah, the capitalist metropolis that is Southport. Even Mark's is open Sundays there. I was very naughty and spent money that I should be saving because the Council have fouled up the Council Tax and going to take two lots in October. But I do have some shiny new things. Including a pair of Adidas Campus trainers. Finally, I found a pair at a price I was willing to pay. £10. JJB sale.

At the moment I'm trying to write a stern letter to the Peak Park planner who won't give me decision. Four weeks late. I'm trying to be stern but not stroppy but it's coming out more like whinging child.

Must go, I need to get this letter finished in the next 10 mins.


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