Monday, August 02, 2004

Ow, my arm

The National Blood Service - do something amazing give Blood

I gave blood today. A small amount of discomfort to do so much good. I think that's how it goes. However, my small amount of discomfort is bigger than other people's. But that's my own fault for having small veins and/or slow blood. Apparantly the vein in my left arm is smaller than the one in my right, but the one in the right is more in the angle of my arm.

Well despite that, if my Dad can get his gold badge, my husband his bronze and my younger brother has a blue card then I will not be outdone too easily. Just another 40 or 50 odd donations to catch my Dad up then...

I still haven't got a keyring though. But I do have a Billy Blood Drop.

And my arm will be better in the morning.

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