Monday, August 16, 2004

Certificated Copies...Hmph.

According to the person at a certain internet bank an original (written in register office standard blue-black parker ink) marriage certificate isn't a "certificated copy" for account opening purposes. What? Why?

My bank (no not them) don't seem to see it that way. Marriage certificate plus Switch card was fine for them. Or perhaps that's because I already had an account and was just changing the name.

The only difference in the information these two banks have about me is CCTV footage of me in the branch.

The dificulty is that I don't have anything they'll accept in my married name yet. So, I have to wait the real bank to send me a statement in my new name so I can send it to the internet bank. The ID they want is the kind of stuff that could have been stolen out of someone's rubbish. Official (government) documents won't do.


Tilly said...

Ooh, how queer - we both have posts about Marriage Certificates!

Just noticed your 'Ormskirk link' to the left... I used to live in Ormskirk, when I was at Edge Hill.

ML said...

Ahhhhhh... BANKS. They did this stupid crap rubbish to Youngster when he went to open an account.. Wouldnt accept his passport as a means of ID! I hope youre talking about SMILE bank.. As part of the CO-OP bank they have the wankiest policies on opening an account EVER. Get ready to take in a vial of blood and a stool sample.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right. It is Smile. I'm not sure that it is sorted even now. I've abandoned to the other half to deal with.

Damn Blogger wouldn't let me in to comment on my own blog. Damn arsey piece of software.