Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've been sent on a training course at Glenmore Lodge to learn about products distributed by Lyon Equipment.

These include the brands in the pics below and some others - Petzl, Ortlieb, Jetboil, Julbo, Aquapac, Exped, Light my Fire, Beal and La Sportiva are supplied to my work.

I got to play with some kit that I haven't had chance to in the shop - we just don't have the facilities to, for example, take the Jetboils to bits or light them, dangle from ropes to see if harnesses fit properly or try out ascenders.

I learned some new stuff, and refreshed some old stuff. I now have had a go at ascending and descending ropes using some of the Petzl "brown box" products. I've made fire with a steel and tindersticks. I've got a list of what the different Julbo lenses actually do.  I've seen the new Jetboils that are smaller and lighter (good) and found out that the new ones come with pot supports as standard - so you can use them as a stove (also good).

I've been fed incredibly well, had a nice pint of Trade Winds in the bar and managed to get two runs in.

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