Sunday, June 05, 2011


These are, were, my Jamboree shoes. They came with the uniform package given to UK IST members going to the World Scout Jamboree in Thailand in over the New Year 2002/2003.

They are Salomon Exits and I have used, abused and loved them for the past nine years. They have walked, run and scrambled through various bits of England and Scotland, town and country. They have been fab. I have decided that I will not be replacing them - the current Exit model isn't a patch on them and I haven't found anything else I like sufficiently. Well, maybe the Mammut Redburn or the Berghaus Cuesta II , if I can find them for cheap...

In terms of hillwalking footwear, I will miss them - there is kind of a gap between my running shoes and my boots. What finished off the Jamboree shoes was leading hillwalking groups for a week on Red Rose last summer. They were perfect for the walks over the likes of Loughrigg and Wansfell. And scrambling wise, that rand on the toe and heel used to be really sticky, perished now though and going brittle at the joint with the sole unit.

Sadly, these lovely shoes are now consigned to the bin. In the battle against the moth invasion my wardrobe has had a cleaning and dead shoes have no place in its future.

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