Sunday, September 05, 2010

Things I have done this year and failed to blog: Part 2

June: Sailing to Arran

Want to take part in the Glen Rosa Race? My other half did and he decided that the best way to get there was by sailing from Bute, not on the ferry like everyone else. Alright, not everyone else - there is another Cosmic equally daft who also sailed there in her boat.

We sailed from Bute on the friday and went straight to Brodick and anchored in the bay. Our fellow Cosmic had also anchored there after sailing from Kip, and we had dinner on their boat. They have a barbecue mounted on the cockpit rail and being 33' to our 26', room to use it.

Glen Rosa (Goatfell) seen from the sea

Our boat, Brodick Bay

On the saturday we went ashore in the morning. I went into Brodick and the runners went to register. Glen Rosa is quite a long race timewise for the length of it, being unmarked and over rough ground. It was an SHR Championship race this so attracted quite a crowd. There was also registration on the ferry and a special bus laid on.

I went back in the afternoon to see the finish. The finish was at the top of the Brodick Castle garden, and I was glad to have my Volunteer Card as it's £5.50 to get into the garden there.

After the runners had recovered and rehydrated, we had ice cream and then returned to the boats for another bbq tea.

On the Sunday we sailed back to Bute. To begin with off the coast of Arran we hardly had any wind, but after using the motor to get out into the middle of the Clyde we found some. At one point we had the boat doing 7kts. We also saw the Navy out playing with their new(ish) toy round the Cumbraes.

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