Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been busy planting things in the garden.

So far I have planted

Ixia - tall white flowers from bulbs started in pots
Oxalis - red flowers with quatrefoilish leaves from bulbs started in pots
Anemone - mixed colours, but they haven't come up in the pots unlike the previous two, so I've shoved them in the ground for next year.
Agapanthus Donau - lilac I think. A root in a bag kind, but they've grown well in the pots

Lupin - white, from seed from a bought one.

Clematis Jackmanii - purple, famous, my dad has one.
Clematis Texensis Duchess of Albany - a posh name for pink clematis
Pulsatilla vulgaris rubra - a dark red alpine. I saw them on gardeners' world and thought they were pretty.
Sedum acre aureum - I presume the 'aureum' part of the name refers to the yellow tips and flowers
Lithodora diffusa - Blue alpine. I may have made an error with this one, BBC gardening says it's tender. I fear it may be doomed.
Hieracium maculatum leopard - a sort of hawkweed with yellow flowers and maroon and green speckled leaves
Pieris - what my neighbour calls a flame bush. A shrub with green leaves with red new growth.

I've also got a chocolate cosmos in a pot doing nothing yet, and some sweet pea and nasturtium seedlings in the propagator.

Veg wise, I have spinach, tomato and chilli seedlings to be dealt with. I planted out the broad beans at the weekend and the over wintered cabbage has well and truly bolted.

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