Friday, April 24, 2009


Inspired by Uphilldowndale (who takes wonderful photos), I have been playing with my camera and bothering the flowers...

These tulips came out of the same bag of bulbs. The first one is the only one that has come up the colour I was sold. The 'white' ones are also looking suspiciously red. I've no idea why there are three yellow ones. I can't even remember if I planted them...

This wallflower is proving defiantly biennial...

We've had a profusion of white flowers - Amalanchier, saxifrage, hyacinth.

And a good showing of my favourite blue grape hyacinths.

Though I may have to try taking a photo of these on a sunnier day, as the blue isn't showing up quite as blue as it actually is, despite my taking about ten different photos playing with the aperture etc. I'm clearly in need of more practice.

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