Friday, April 04, 2008


Off work today, with a poorly throat and inability to control my temperature, so I'm watching the shenanigans of the bird world outside my window.
Three Messers Blackbird are squabling over something, presumably the future Mrs Blackbird. All I can see them achieving is damage to the newly emerging blossom on my poor cherry tree - no lady blackbirds in sight.
There's a pair of Bluetits in the forsythia as I write and Mr and Mrs Magpie are looking like they're laying claim to the same tree as last year. Do magpies stay together? Or would it be the same male with a different female? Last year's baby magpies were adorable - playing together in the garden after they fledged - it would nice to have some more.
I can't see the Robins but I can hear them cursing each through the medium of song.

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uphilldowndale said...

Our garden is shimmering with birdy activity, blue tits nesting in the barn wall, blackbird in the ivy.