Sunday, March 02, 2008

It didn't snow for very long...

After being so excited about the snow, it didn't last. In fact there has been hardly any on the hills. We did manage to get out for a week with the Scouts around Cairngorm, but the poor snow and high wind weren't in our favour. There a few really nice days, but the sunshine was melting the surface of the neve.
We're going skiing in a couple of weeks to Morgins on the Swiss/French border. Hopefully they've had a more wintry winter.

Yesterday was St David's day and, as I'd predicted, the weather has been so warm we have daffodils in flower.

Exciting news of the moment! My sister has produced me a nephew!

And now I'm off to the bathstore to buy taps in the vague hope that his Dad has plumbing skills and we might have a functioning (if not finished) bathroom by the end of the week.

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uphilldowndale said...

We had snow this morning, for the 'rush hour' it's nearly all gone now