Thursday, January 17, 2008

What did I do next?

After my brother's wedding, which was lovely, we headed back up to Scotland. We spent a night with our friends in Partick, then headed to Arrochar and Loch Fyne. The plan was to go up Beinn Bhuidhe above Glen Fyne, but we didn't leave Glasgow early enough and were beaten by the daylight.
Failing in the mountain climbing plan we went to Inveraray instead. Had a wander around and bought some very nice soap and candles from Purdies. We then got a phone call from his sister to tell us she didn't need picking up in the morning because she'd broken her arm falling off a mountain and was going home. We decided to go too and caught with her and the friends she'd been walking with on the Colintraive ferry.

We spent Hogmamay with his parents on Bute - their flat is now almost complete...

On the 2nd we went for a walk above Colintraive. We then went back to Cairndow to have dinner at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, but found it shut. After some toing and froing, we settled on pitching for the night at Butterbridge to go up Beinn Ime the next day. It was pretty cloudy all day and was starting to snow as we set off to go home. There was a lot of snow in Stirlingshire, but disappointingly little as we got nearer to home.

Having seen the snow, the following day we got up very early and set off to Braemar to ski at Glenshee. However, the road was shut. We took a turn round the Queen's Drive on our nordics, a large proportion of which I spent laying in the snow.

And that was our holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, best wishes all the way from Rockingham, Western Australia, scottish born, mother from Brechin, came across your blog via Stonehead blog, brought back memories of mum (names of places).bye for now Joy