Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas is over, what next?

It took us three days to get to Scarisbrick from Aberdeen. We stopped en route to take in a few hills, first at Drumochter then at Skiddaw, then finally in the Forest of Bowland. We slept in the Van, which is partially converted by having a bed/storage box built into the back of it. It wasn't too bad, except for the first morning when we woke up to find more ice on the inside of the windows than the outside.
We got to Scarisbrick on Christmas Eve and fairly promptly went out to The Ship at Lathom for Ormskirk Network's Christmas drinks. He made a disgrace of himself and won the prize for the best slow fall off a stool.
Christmas Day didn't really start until after lunchtime. We had dinner in the evening, goose not turkey, with my dad and my brother and his girlfriend.
On Boxing Day we visited a friend to recover some of his gear that he hasn't seen since Greenland. I then spent the best part of the afternoon hennaing my hair, to little apparent effect.
Today we have been out to Crosby to see Anthony Gormley's men (known locally as The Goonies my brother says) since they're still there. The tide was in, but as we started back along the beach to the van it was beginning to go out so some more of the men were coming out of the water. Several were wearing Santa hats.
Tomorrow is my younger brother's wedding in the Parish church in Scarisbrick. We're back off up north on saturday to get to Bute via Arrochar for New Year with his parents.

EDIT: I've added a photo of me coming down Skiddaw. That is the small path!

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Stonehead said...

I once hennaed my hair for Christmas - to very good and very hilarious effect, not least because I'm a bloke. In the end, I ran a pair of clippers over my head and cut it all down to stubble. I'm too grown up to do that any more...