Sunday, November 27, 2005


This blog is rapidly turning into a list of winter sports and things not to do in the rain in Scotland. So, to continue it in the same vein - this weekend we've been skiing.

Or, more precisely, falling over in the snow.

We braved the rain in the hope that it would be snowing on the tops and it was. The Lecht Summit was all white and snowy. Winter Highland has pics from yesterday taken while we were there.

It was actually my first attempt at downhill skiing - I had a go at nordic skiing last winter - but I don't think it went too badly. My shoulders are sore from falling and dragging my arms backwards, but no real bruises.

We had to get towed out of the carpark by JCB, but the roads were gritted so it wasn't too bad getting home. I wasn't driving though.

Speaking of driving, I had a near miss in my lesson last week. A bus ran a red light while I was halfway over the crossroads. I only know how close it was by the fright my instructor took as it went behind us.

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