Wednesday, November 09, 2005

House hunting

We've been starting to look for a house up in Aberdeen now the sale is going through on the one we had in Chesterfield.

We've been using the ASPC website. It has almost all the property for sale in Aberdeenshire on it.

Tonight we've seen two in the west of the city. Both 1950s granite bungalows to the same layout. They're both quite attractive. The first is cheaper and we can make more of a mark on it because it needs completely redecorating, the second is move-in-able, bigger and nicer but quite a bit more expensive.

Do we stretch ourselves to the expensive one we could stay in almost forever? Or do we go for the one we can afford to change to our taste?

A Dilemma.

Hopefully the Scottish system is slower than the English one, so we'll have a chance to think...

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