Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Rubbish blogging
OH dear I've been very poor at blogging.  And I've been reading some rather good ones, to whom I shall link in the generous fullness of time.  Then they'll all know what kind of rubbish "bloggers" lurk around theirs.
Well, one of the blogs I've been reading is Bandhag's  (Oh I hope that link works.  Very few things are worse than a broken link.).  A recent post there listed the first ten songs randomly out of Bandhag's mp3 player.  I thought I'd do the same.  Now, I only have a small selection of tracks on a USB gadget so it truly isn't a real reflection of my CD collection - an editted version only.
The tracks were:
1. Belle & Sebastien - Boy with the arab strap
2. Oasis - Half the world away
3. Electric Soft Parade - Empty at the end
4. The Calling - Wherever you will go
5. Appleton - 5 am
6. Stereophonics - Step on my old size nines
7. Belle & Sebastien - Dog on wheels
8. The Bluetones - Marblehead Johnson
9. Badly Drawn Boy - You were right
10. Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally
Now, I'm sure that tell some manner of psychoanalyst something about me, but I don't know what.
I could do with a comments box.  Then maybe some manner of psychoanalyst would tell something about me...

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