Monday, July 26, 2004


On Saturday I went cycling at Ladybower.  A Good Idea.  A simple way to get fit relatively easily.  Right?

Ha!  Yesterday I couldn't sit down or stand up without being in great pain.  The saddle related problems were anticipated, thanks to Zoe at MBIAT,  the knee problems weren't.  Apparently my knees do not like cycling.  I suppose they'll either break or get used to it.  Mind you, I have only had the bike for a fortnight.

But, apart from those problems and the chain coming off and getting smacked in the back of the leg with pedal when it did (I've a lovely pedal-spike shaped bruise), it was Fun.  Although I'm not too keen on the bumpy bits of path yet.

I won't be cycling to work just yet.  If the bus stuggles up Slack Hill then I don't think I should even contemplate trying.  But his suggestion of going to do some of the Tissington Trail  is fine with me.

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zogthedoomed said...

My wife, son and I have been thinking of getting bikes for a while now. Do you reckon Ladybower would be suitable for a 5 year old given he's done an 8 mile hilly walk quite easily.

and wheres the Tissington trail?

We're in Tapton BTW and if it wasn't for the certainty that he'd fall in we'd go cycling down the canal.