Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best description of race rules ever...?

Aboot i'runnin' aboot:

Fit ye're tryin' ti dae:

Ti ging roon on 53 mile “Fling” roadie alang i' Southern pairt o' the West Highland Way fae somewye ca'd Milngavie ti Tyndrum afore yir time runs oot. An' it's nae jist i' folk running themsels, there's i' club competitions an' a', an' a special een far ye hae four folk, een aifter the ither. Now a'body's got ti be ower 21, nae swikin'. I' “Fling” is mint ti' be deen athoot only help at a'. The folk that's pit a' this the gither'll drap aff buggies that you've made earlier, as lang as ye mind ti pit on yir proper race number, a' the wye alang the roadie at the checkpoints. Kitbags wi' little ticketies on'll be teen ti' the end o' the roadie at Tyndrum near 'at afa fine Green Welly Stop, an' bussies, thit ye've got ti' hae said yer gahn on (and pit yer haun in yer pooch) afore the day'll tak ye a; back to Milngavie far ye can get the trainnie. Course, if ye wint ti hae yir ain folk helpin' ye, that's yir ain look oot.

Club Competition

Ur's nae end ti the number o' chiels ye can hae in yer clique. Fooiver lang it taks fur the first three (M or F) gahn by themsels fae each club'll be added igither on a bittie paper ti gie i' club’s time, so ere's nae need for folk runnin' ti dae onything ither than pit their ain name doon, as lang as ye pit doon fa' ye're wi. If yi wint ti be richt clivver an'pit in mair than wun (M or F) team it's nae skin aff oor nose, jist mak sure we ken a' aboot it and fa' yir spikkin' aboot.

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