Monday, July 13, 2009

This weekend

On Saturday I went to do the Meall an t-Suidhe hill race in Fort William (prizes in the comments box for phonetic pronounciation of the hill it goes up). It's a short race - 5k - and a steep one - evil steep. It was also very hot. Needless to say, I did rather badly as I boiled on the hill and had to stop and sit down. I was saved by a nice lady from Lochaber who was carrying a wet pactowel with her and wrang some stream water down my neck.

I now have very sore quads and knees, but I have completed one of the Scottish Champs races for this season and it's good practice for next weekend.

The last two days have been spent in removing the green from my kitchen (The units were all green on Sunday morning). Two days and four coats of paint later, it looks like this. I am pleased.


uphilldowndale said...

Yay that is a lot of painting..... I think I've just changed my mind about the colour of our kitchen.

Anne said...

"Mall on tee" - based on Irish which is almost the same.

What's the prize?

Bated breath etc.

Sarah said...

Ah, now I thought no one would bite...

It's a trick question I'm afraid.

The race is known as Mel an Tee, but, it actually goes up to Creag a' Chail. Which the local Lochaber types seem to pronounce pretty much as it's written.

Mark said...

Nice job,alot of doors there!!