Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vegetable Patch

This is our veg patch.

From front to back of the photo we have:

Bed 1: Sweet peas and nasturtiums (not strictly veg, but nasturtium leaves are salad), 3 parsnips, broad beans, tomatoes, onions and parsley.

Bed 2: Asparagus (2 shoots, but you can only start eating it in the third growing season, so not until 2011), spinach, 1 carrot, tomatoes and onions.

Bed 3: Red onions, garlic, tomatoes, 1 random carrot (I think it's a carrot, but we didn't sow carrots in this bed), garlic and onions.

Bed 4: Potatoes.

The neighbourhood cats killed off the carrots and parsnips by using our nicely sown beds as litter trays.

The tomatoes are there as I had an error of germination. Last year none survived, this year I planted more and they all did. So, we're experimenting to find out if tomatoes grow outside in Aberdeen. They are in a warm spot, the wall faces west and holds the heat quite well and gets the sun most of the day. We've six in the cold frame as normal.

The orange and white thing? That's a Grampian Orienteers control marker kite, which was left behind after the Summer Series event I organised on Perwinnes Moss (part of the Scotstown Moor Local Nature Reserve and SSSI just over the field south of our house).

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