Monday, November 19, 2007

Out and About

This weekend we went to the SHR race at Meall a Bhucaille and the 'do' afterwards at Badaguish. He ran while I went up Cairngorm, Alpine style (cafe to cafe)with some friends from the Club. It was a bit damp and windy, but we had a nice day out.

On Sunday 10 of us went to Inshriach to orienteer on the Map of the Month, well technically the map of last month but the controls are still out. It was a lot of fun, chasing each other round the forest in the rain. Somehow I hurt my hip - no idea what I did but it suddenly started hurting and now I'm hobbling like an old man...

We stopped at Inverdruie for lunch, meaning to go to the cafe in the Rothiemurchus estate shop but it was shut. So we went to the diner over the way then bought some venison from the shop for tea. It was very good.

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Anita said...

Hi, I just moved to Aberdeen 6 months a go and still struggle to understand the concept of 4-seasons-in-1-day weather in Scotland. Nice blog. Cheers!