Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Woo Hoo!!

On Monday...

I passed...

My driving test!

First time!

(After 16 months of lessons. Patient instructor.)

I thought I'd failed by collecting too many minor faults. I got 11 - 15 is a fail. I can drive better than I did during the test - I made a few mistakes through nerves, snatching at the gears and that sort of thing (putting the car in 4th instead of 2nd at the first roundabout wasn't a great start). I felt like I was reaching in the wrong place for the gear lever after driving our car at the weekend.

A good chunk of test time disappeared in the drive up to Balmedie and back on the A90 to use the village streets for the manoeuvres. I was asked to demonstrate a turn in the road (3 point turn) and reverse around a corner. Thankfully I didn't have to parallel park or bay park and no cars came when I was reversing. My controlled (emergency) stop was a bit ragged (did better in my lesson beforehand), but only picked up a minor fault. I should have asked the tester to move his seat forward when I was reversing, really, but I bottled it and peered round him.

Any way, I passed. Now I have to pluck up the courage to get out on my own. Then figure out if my insurance cost will be reduced by doing the Pass Plus course.

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