Thursday, September 07, 2006

World Premiere

Last night at The Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen the World Premiere showing of The Planet was held.

I've never been to a World Premiere before. Six of us went from our office - one of the co-producers (who did the special effects) also does our IT - and fun was had by all.

As the name suggests the story takes place on a random planet in space somewhere, when ten survivors from an attacked ship land. They then get set upon by some unknown entity, which they do battle with at the end. I won't spoil the plot further as I'm sure you'll all be rushing out to see it...

The planet scenes were shot on Balmedie Beach, to the north of Aberdeen (which is also the home of the Balmedie Beach Bash (scroll down for post) - a fearsome 3.5 mile run over the dunes). Others were apparantly shot in the producers' living rooms.

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