Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blogging again?

I have been meaning to blog again for absolutely ages... Getting a comment has prompted me to actually do it.

Well, we've been in Aberdeen for nearly four months now and I may be on the verge of finally getting a full time job. No conservation work, but hopefully a variety of building type and age - refurbishing nursing homes. I may be becoming an Architectural Technician... Same as my Dad...

We still haven't sold our house in Chesterfield. I'd really like it to go so we can get somewhere permanent up here. Our flat's nice, but renting isn't great when we've had our own house.

In answer to Zoe's comment question my husband doesn't work for BP. He's a Safety Engineer for a consultancy company based onshore. He won't have to go offshore very often which is probably a good thing - I get bored and watch far too much TV when I'm on my own.

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