Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I've haven't posted anything for ages now. It seemed almost to become a chore. And it became so very quickly. I'd think "Today I must update my blog. Sigh." Not the best way to go about this I think. If I don't feel like writing anything then there's even less chance of my coming up with anything interesting. Hence the Care Bear quiz thingie in the last post. Desperately trying to post something, anything.

But then I thought about one of my friends who had a Livejournal. Who, true to statistics, gave up posting with any regularity in less than six months. After two failed attempts to restart, it appears to have gone west.

I will not give up on this all together. However, I'm not sure that I can maintain a regular posting routine. What if I'm busy or have nothing to say? Do I sit and stare at a blank New Post box or dash off some rubbish about having no time to write? I'd rather not. So, I will post when I feel like it.

Hopefully I'll show up from time to time on the most recently published list. Then may be some one reading random blogs will see what I've had to say. And not dismiss it too derisively.

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